Lockdown, much darker graphics and a new original song

A quick story of my situation: Total lockdown. Of course, for an introvert like me, it's never been an issue. Recently, I've decided to upgrade the graphics a little bit. If you played the demo or the early access version, you can see The Room of 2 Monsters was pretty light. It doesn't look creepy, hence I'm changing it so the atmosphere could be more "twisted". The characters' graphics are also overhauled. And thanks to the composer Zack Fitzgerald, we now have another original song for the game. There'll be more in the future but for now, take a look at what've been changed.


New opening, story changing and new endings

    "Something horrible happened. I can feel it"

I'm planning to completely erase the original opening of the game into something much more shorter and raise more questions for you, the players. The storyline might change as well and that leads us to new endings. The problem with the game right now is it talks too much at some point, and where ever that point is, I'll change it. Leaving questions and let you figure out by yourself is much better than answering all of it by words.


2021 Plan

The first official release of The Room of 2 Monsters has been released onto Google Play Store, but that's not gonna be all. I'm planning to add more puzzles, more storylines and more character development into the game. More puzzles is priority at the moment. In 2021, hopefully the game will also be available on Apple Store for all iOS users. An early access on Steam will likely happening afterward. Overall it'll be a lot of work to do and I hope there'll be more people know this game. :)
Thank you for reading.